We are dedicated to providing global engineering solutions for your rotating and static machinery needs. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we help businesses across industries optimize performance, increase efficiency, and drive productivity.

Engineering Services

Blackstone Technical Services (BTS), in association CST,offers technical solutions relating to retrofit, redesign, and re-rates of facility equipment.  BTS extends these technical services on both core and balance of plant (BOP) rotating assets.  


Proactive maintenance planning

Asset information, drawings and manuals

Feasibility of operation and modelling

Remote condition/health monitoring and diagnostics

Thermodynamic and mechanical studies

Acoustic pulsation, vibration and torsional analysis

Technical advisory and field service engineering

Failure analysis, RCA (Root Cause Analysis) & FEA(Finite Element Analysis)

New machine design and manufacturing

Uprate and optimization

Component re-engineering and supply


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