Re-Engineered Steam Turbine


Date 2023
LocationLouisiana, United States
ApplicationFood & beverage industrial plant
ServicePower generation and steam
SpecificsSteam Turbine / Size / Scope of Work, entire bundle supplied to customer 7 stages (1 Curtis, 6 Rateau)
PowerPower Increased by 42% | 2500kW, 4475 rpm
Inlet Steam Conditions 250 psig 475°F


This study covers the successful bid and execution of a comprehensive revamp on a critical piece of equipment for an industrial food and beverage plant in Louisiana, USA. Blackstone Technical Services America (BTS) in association with Compression Services Technology (CST) was commissioned to overhaul a Turbodyne, Worthington, frame ITS6, 2500kW, steam turbine. The project aimed to increase the power output of an existing unit, while addressing the technical challenges associated with a 60+ year old steam turbine. The turbine underwent extensive refurbishment and re-engineering, focusing on a new steam path which included both rotating and stationary components. The collaboration between the client, partners, and Blackstone Technical Services not only led to the successful revamp of the steam turbine but also showcased the potential for proactive planning in extending equipment life cycles. The upgraded equipment now operates at increased efficiency, demonstrating the positive impact of strategic refurbishment and re-engineering efforts.

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